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SpringBoard Tracks is a boutique music publishing and licensing company focused on genres that are often poorly represented or over-commercialized in a saturated world of production music. SpringBoard has partnered with DreamArtists Music, founded by graduates of the famed Juilliard School, to bring a strong artistic foundation to licensing. The Company’s goal is to carry forward an imaginative approach and quirky, creative touch to a keen sense of relevance in culture and popular music trends. Focusing on styles heavily influenced by contemporary concert music, as well as EM/EDM (Electronic Dance Music), this unique collection pairs live performance, meticulous production, high caliber artistry, and atypical artist collaborations to yield a fresh alternative to the norm. Our excitement for music is contagious!

Content from SpringBoard will be easily accessible to clients through TuneSpring, an innovative platform built for track licensing using in-depth keyword search criteria as well as real-time syncing capabilities. Clients are now able to upload their videos, scroll through our music, and instantly view any musical track to picture!

Welcome to a world of uniqueness. Welcome to SpringBoard Tracks. Let’s build a story together…

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